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This site is a requirement for TDT1, and TAT2 Task 3.

About the Storyteller

Laura Revels, Storyteller

Hello I am Laura Revels, Tlingit, Kaagwaantaan (Eagle Moiety from the Wolf Clan), BA, M.Edc., and originally from Southeast Alaska. I’m a blogger, instructional designer, woodcarver, beader, and storyteller trainer. In my professional life at ANTHC, I am a Senior Manager & Digital Storytelling Trainer. I have been working in Tribal Health for over 19 years and with Tribal nonprofits for over 26 years.

Currently, I developing and managing an on-demand online cancer education course, as well as teach a synchronous online cancer education with storytelling course for Alaska Community Health Aide Practitioners (CHAPs). My history includes working with Tribes to develop cancer survivorship and education materials and programs that incorporates traditional stories, art, and technology, as a means to share knowledge. I also have provided training on “How to Communicate Your Message”, how to use social media as part of your outreach plan, and developed health communications and outreach materials. I am passionate about how health education is communicated, especially for the Indigenous People, and continually explore new ways to use technology and traditional methods, such as storytelling, to relay wellness and prevention education.

I have been a Digital Storyteller trainer for 10 years, and have had the honor of being a part of stories from California, New Mexico, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska – mostly with Indigenous communities, then the second most popular population I have worked with is cancer para-medical providers and patients. I am considered, in my field, a Master Storyteller.

“I believe in the power of storytelling and using storytelling with technology to open up conversations, share information, knowledge, and education, and to open the path to healing in some cases. Long Live Storytelling!”